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We are an entrepreneurship education and experiences ecosystem for the YOUTH.

To develop entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, and to explore starting up & failing in a nurturing environment.

We are dynamic, community led, diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best youth platform. Join us to make your startup experience unforgettable.


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Monica Saxena – Ammika Mother

Ms. Monica Saxena

Parent of a participant of Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

“It all started when my daughter made the video entry for the pitch competition and her idea video was awarded as The Most Popular Video during the initial phase of Global Ideas Pitch Challenge. From there she got the confidence boost and have started participating in many competitions and infact winning most of them. A big thanks to Youth Startup Network for providing this platform where students can build up that required mindset and refine their skills or learn new skills needed for development of the child to an entrepreneur. “

Sabahat Khan – Family Member

Sabahat Khan

Family Member of a participant of Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

“The very first thing for the development of a young student is to build Confidence. Thanks to Youth Startup Network we are seeing & feeling how the personality of our ward has been groomed now. Another aspect where we have seen tremendous transformation is in case of Public Speaking. Our ward used to hardly interact with her friends or other people outside the house but now she has been more expressive about her ideas , her thoughts which is amazing to watch.”

Shubhangini Mam Bal Bhawan Bhopal

Ms. Shubhangini Kolarkar

Teacher - Bal Bhawan School, Bhopal

“Students are the Young Minds who have spark in them but that spark has to be identified by the teacher or organisations like Youth Startup Network and fuel them to grow further. As the transformation I am observing in my student, you guys at Youth Startup Network are doing a wonderful job. All my wishes to YSN and hearty congratulations for a great success of your event.”


Arjunjyot Singh

Participant - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

“Youth Startup Network is a great platform for young entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas and talents. It really helped me in identifying market strategy and targeted customer for my product.”


Rhythm Garg

Participant - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

To be honest, after joining YSN (Youth Startup Network) & GIPC (Global Ideas Pitch Challenge), I have got a new vision to look at this world and to seek opportunity in every possible situation. YSN is a very innovative and unique platform for young students.”

Manasvi Panwar Testimonial Image

Manasvi Panwar

Most Creative Pitch - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

“Youth Startup Network’s role in my development has been the mentoring and training sessions which were conducted. They had improved my public speaking and analytical skills. The sessions benefited me immensely”


Mukund Gupta

Participant - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

Youth Startup Network is a platform to express your ideas and take them to the next level. Their sessions have helped me by enabling me to think openly on my idea. They have opened my mind by helping me interact with different people.”


Zahra Khan

Best Idea Pitch - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

” YSN helped me to recognise my potential. I was first very confused about my idea but they helped me and encouraged me to take forward my idea. explained to me about sales and marketing skills. as well as explained to me about costumers and users. so thank you very much. “


Simran Jain

Annual Member - YSN Community Program

“A kudos to YSN for giving their tremendous support throughout this journey by helping me whenever I needed a hand, they motivated me to the fullest. They have transfigured me into a confident soul from a girl who previously was very shy to share any thoughts.”

Agam Singh

Agam Singh

Winner (Middle School Category) - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

Youth Startup Network has enabled me to think critically about my idea, throughout their sessions. I have been able to grow my idea and analyze different aspects because of the enriching knowledge they have been showering on us. I am greatly thankful to YSN to guide all of us Yongpreneurs.

Keyyshav – Testimonial Image

Keyyshav Seth

Winner (High School Category) - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

As a participant in YSN’s Global Ideas Pitch Challenge, i am learning about entrepreneurship and working on my knowledge of taking a business from idea to execution. I highly recommend Youth Startup Network to all the young students looking for an Entrepreneurship Experience. ”

Ammika Testimonial Image

Ammika Aman Kudesia

Annual Member - YSN Community Program & Most Popular Video - GIPC

“ I joined The Global Ideas Pitch Challenge in the month of May 2020 and have been pleasantly surprised by how much the experience has exceeded my already high expectations!! YSN helped me to understand that participating in entrepreneurship competitions could be just the start I need, offering the perfect mix of visibility, challenges and opportunities to drive my business idea in the right direction. This platform is a great opportunity to learn, adjust and improve my offering according to market needs and ground realities. I have not missed even a single Sunday webinar series (Entrepreneurship 3600) organized by them, which was a real perk to my learning. Also, time to time guidance, support & encouragement by Seemant Sir and Amit sir was a great boon!! ”


Narra Kalyani

Participant - Global Ideas Pitch Challenge

Youth Startup Network has given me all the confidence boost which has transformed me completely. The various sessions by them has provided me all the guidance and support needed to develop my idea. The mentoring sessions help me clear all the doubts and gave a new direction for my business idea.  It’s importance for me is that much that I consider YSN as one of my team member.

Subham Deb

Subham Deb

Young Startup Founder

“ Youth Startup Network is a platform that allows budding entrepreneurs to reach out and present their ideas to investors, accelerators / incubators, corporates, media, and much more. The Mentoring session was amazing and has really helped me to shape up my startp’s journey ”