Youth Startup Boot-Camp empowers and educates each participant to dream big, bold and crazy ideas, which have the power to transform the world!

We take you on a journey of problem solving, ideation, creativity, business modeling, and pitching. 

Through our structured curriculum, you work hands-on and develop your idea.

Want to Be in the
FOLLOWER Mindset Forever?

Our young minds are being developed to follow, and to perform instructions.

9 out of 10 kids, grows up believing that they are meant to serve and work for someone, aka in a JOB

We develop very few Job Creators, Innovators, Thinkers, Doers. 

While our world needs these traits the most in our future generation.

Do we want to raise 

dispassionate, robotic, stressed and depressed youngsters?

Mindset & Skillset

Build Your Future
around Your Passion
Be a

Youth Startup Boot Camp


Experiential learning methodology, Case based approach, each participant gets customized

and personalized attention and world class curriculum.

The participant develops the mindset of 

> an entrepreneur

> a problem solver

> growth and winner

> creativity and innovation

Moreover, learn to DREAM and develop IDEAS around your PASSION areas 

and work on LAUNCHING them in the world

Seed your solution to a problem and dream of a better future.

Tinker with us on various business models and propositions.

Prepare to launch your business opportunity and test with users

Learn public speaking and pitching, to attract users, customers and investors.

Key Benefits

>> Develop growth and solution oriented mindset

>> Gain problem-solving, ideation, creativity, 

resourcefulness, pitching & public speaking.

>> Learn new techniques to develop a business

>> Be a part of a global network of Youngpreneurs

>> Certificates & Commendation for participants



Group and One on One Mentoring Support will be available to participants. 
Our Mentor Panel consists of serial entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, corporate leaders, subject matter experts and coaches. 



14+ years of training and coaching experience in education, ex CEO, serial entrepreneur, expert and fun loving. 


14+ years of experience, Sales expert, corporate leader turned entrepreneur,  Mentor in Residence and program guide.