In India and across the globe, there are many government and non-government initiatives, which focus on enabling the startup ecosystem. Such organizations have a small trickle-down effect on ‘youth’. As they are not focused on the unique challenges that youth entrepreneurship posses.

Youth Startup Network (YSN) is the only youth focused entrepreneurship development organizations. It collaborates with global organizations to bring the best to students aged 10 years to 25 years.

The founding team, is deeply entrenched in Experiential Learning Methodologies and bring with them Collaborations from the Startup Ecosystem & Experience from verticals of Education, Events, Shared Economy, Networking, Global Experiences & Social Media.

Benefits of working with YSN

Benefits for Students

Develop critical life skillsDevelop their Mindset
Learn Core Business SkillsBe Financially literate
Get Global CertificationsAcquire 21st Century Skills
Support System to develop IdeasIdeation to Planning to Presentation
Learn from Entrepreneurs and get InspiredReal life Problem Solving
Acquire Public Speaking SkillsFunding Support & Guidance
Environment to think BIGThink Out of the Box

Benefits for School / Colleges:

·         Able to extend entrepreneurship education to their students

·         Do not have to invest in Program Development and Teacher Training

·         Resources come for free to the institution, enabling them to extend it to all students

·         Opportunity to be part of a large network of like-minded institutions

·         Participate through YSN in Global Collaborations

·         Deep connects available with corporate, government institutions, foundations and startup organizations.

·         Unique and Value Based Learning offering by the school / college

·         Appreciation from the Parents Community of imparting such experiential education